Climedo for CROs

Faster Clinical Trial Success: The EDC Platform for CROs

Easily collect high-quality clinical data with our web-based platform. Save yourself and your customers time and money.

Faster Clinical Trial Success: The EDC Platform for CROs
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Clinical data collection is time-consuming and costly. The requirements of increasingly complex study designs often lead to hardly scalable solutions that are expensive in quality assurance and project management. Monitoring activities lead to considerable expenses and heterogeneous data sets require a high cleaning effort. At the same time, cost pressure is increasing on the sponsor side.

With our web-based platform, you can quickly and easily collect high-quality clinical data. Save yourself and your customers time and money thanks to digital, reusable and automated workflows and the direct engagement of patients. In addition, our system supports you in data preparation for faster analyses. With Climedo at your side, you are prepared for the future of clinical trials and win more orders.

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EDC (Electronic Data Capture)

Manage all project data easily with our EDC system. Offer sponsors direct platform access by defining visibility and rights granularly, according to your wishes and in compliance with data protection regulations.

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DCT (Decentralized Clinical Trials)

Go virtual with your trials: The combination of EDC, ePRO/eCOA elements, digital patient diaries and telehealth will help you revolutionize your recruitment strategy. Move trials into the patient's home.

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eCOA & ePro

eCOA & ePro

As a component of eCOA, ePRO includes all outcomes that are reported directly by your trial subjects. Optimized for any device, operating system and without any necessary app installation.

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eConsent allows for consent forms to be sent, explained and signed electronically. This improves efficiency and compliance in your clinical trials.

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We offer different packages and prices - tailored to you and your needs.

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Benefits of Climedo for Pharma

Quick onboarding

Climedo's intuitive user interface means you'll be onboarded in just a few hours, without the need for programming skills. Get started with your project right away.

Improved recruitment and compliance

Patient centricity and decentralized study designs accelerate your recruitment and increase patient compliance by up to 90%.

Increased data quality

Predefined workflows with complex decision trees including automatic plausibility and validation checks improve the data quality from the time of input.

Accelerated results

Achieve significant time savings of up to 49% thanks to reusable form templates and the possibility of decentralized study designs and remote monitoring.

Data protection "made in Germany"

Our cloud-based solution has been tested by state authorities and offers a granular roles and rights assignment for different system users.

Your project at a glance

Dashboards and smart filter views allow you to view all results in real time and thus anticipate potential problems. Data exports are possible in common formats.

Clinical Study on a Dietary Supplement for Sleep Improvement

Clinical Study on a Dietary Supplement for Sleep Improvement

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Patient Compliance

Thanks to the simple handling (independent of location or device), the intuitive usage and the automated reminders, you'll see higher participation and completion rates.


Higher data quality

Direct patient feedback and paperless data collection will improve your data quality. With Climedo, the error-prone transfer of paper to Excel sheets and illegible handwriting become a thing of the past.


Time savings

Faster results thanks to automated processes, reusable forms and decentralized study designs as well as remote monitoring.

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We offer different packages and prices - tailored to you and your needs.