Streamline Patient Enrollment with eConsent

Informing subjects about a study is a crucial component for lowering barriers to clinical trial participation. Leverage Climedo’s eConsent solution to electronically obtain patient consent for the capture, thereby easing the patient journey, accelerating patient recruitment and saving time for all stakeholders.

Harness the Power of eConsent

Our eConsent solution allows patients review and sign consent forms digitally, thus improving efficiency and reducing errors.

As a result, patients can easily enroll in trials from the comfort of their own home. Besides giving patients more time to review and fully understand the study process, the eConsent process can easily be combined with interactive learning content such as videos, audio files, guided presentations, quizzes, gamification or progress bars.

These elements are easily incorporated into Climedo’s system and further strengthen patient engagement while displaying the learning progress.

Climedo eConsent

Be flexible and digital – avoid paper storage

Our scalable eConsent solution is accessible on any device and helps you to better inform and consent your patients, regardless of where they are located. 

Seamlessly collect compliant signatures – digitally or wet ink, on-site or remotely, with optional video ident procedures and televisits. Climedo’s set-up is capable of mimicking the in-person experience while remotely engaging patients. It can also be used for in-person processes with digitally accessible signatures. 

Increase patient engagement

Offer your subjects and/or their caregivers a consent experience which is both engaging and informational. Rather than providing lengthy documents to your patients, make easy use of interactive learning material such as videos, audio files and bitesize text documents.

Climedo’s eConsent solution is user centric and fully web based (no app download required) and includes interactive gamification elements.

Improve data accuracy

Our technology automates the consent process: Progress is automatically tracked in real time, documents are digitally stored, paper pushing (and thereby the risk of document loss) becomes obsolete.

On top of that, eConsent provides a secure and auditable record of consent, and version control is easily achieved.

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We offer different packages and prices - tailored to you and your needs.

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Your benefits with Climedo

User management

Our flexible roles enable a smooth consent workflow and allow for seamless collaboration across multiple study sites.


Study participants can easily register themselves using our customizable enrollment screen, which can be accessed via QR codes or direct registration links.

Integrated signature solution

Our Climedo product suite (ePRO and EDC) includes a signature solution that seamlessly integrates with the rest of our platform, ensuring uninterrupted data capture.

Video visits

You have the option to include a televisit provider of your choice in the eConsent process within Climedo.


Data security

Made in Germany

At Climedo, data security comes first. Our hosting partner, from whom we lease servers, is 27001 certified (ISO 27001 – Standards for Information Security Assurance). In addition, we rely on strong data separation and state-of-the-art encryption methods. At the federal level, our system has also been tested by the BSI and the BfDI.



Patient Compliance

Thanks to the simple handling (independent of location or device), the intuitive usage and the automated reminders, you'll see higher participation and completion rates.


Higher data quality

Direct patient feedback and paperless data collection will improve your data quality. With Climedo, the error-prone transfer of paper to Excel sheets and illegible handwriting become a thing of the past.


Time savings

Faster results thanks to automated processes, reusable forms and decentralized study designs as well as remote monitoring.

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Product Demo
We offer different packages and prices - tailored to you and your needs.