Our Solutions for Your Clinical Trials

Save time and money on your next clinical trial with our EDC solutions, such as eCRF, eCOA/ePRO, and eSurveys. Benefit from easier data collection, higher data quality and 90% patient compliance.

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EDC (Electronic Data Capture)

Cost-efficient, automated and scalable: Capture data for your clinical studies and surveys electronically with our EDC system – all in one place.

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Convenient, secure and fast: Digitally capture all data reported by your patients in the course of a clinical study – on any device and with no app.

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Real-Time Dashboards

Real-Time Dashboards

Our interactive dashboards enable you to see real-time visualizations of your clinical trial data and compare patient cohorts across different sites.

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Simplifies your administrative processes at the start of a study. Study participants are informed digitally.

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Hybrid Trials

Hybrid Trials

Implement clinical trials in a patient-centered, flexible, and decentralized manner, during the pandemic and beyond.

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Our tailor-made solutions for professionals

Pharma & Biotech

Offer your patients access to novel treatments 18-24 months faster and enhance medical visibility for HCPs early on. Optimize scientific dialogue with the support of real-time, descriptive dashboards while an RWE study is still underway. Our platform supports your pharma and biotech trials – from Phase I-IV to interventional or NIS to RWE.


Climedo helps you to save time and costs, improve data quality, and easily conduct surveys for your medical device studies.


Easily collect high-quality clinical data with our web-based platform. Save your CRO and your customers time and money.

Clinics & Research Institutes

Climedo helps your hospital or research institute collect all relevant study data within a web-based, secure and user-friendly system which flexibly adapts to your processes.

Clinics & Research Institutes

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