Insights from European Study Physicians: Exploring Clinical Trial Challenges, Needs and Digital Solutions

Insights from European Study Physicians: Exploring Clinical Trial Challenges, Needs and Digital Solutions


February 22, 2024

Munich, Thursday, February 22nd 2024 – In a survey conducted by Climedo and Siteworks, more than 65 predominantly European-based study physicians across various therapeutic areas provided insights into their challenges, needs for change and the status of digitalization in clinical trials.

The survey revealed critical factors driving physicians to participate in trials, including the promotion of scientific advancement (80%), early insights into new treatments (55%) and building scientific reputation (55%). However, challenges such as high time expenditure (70%), patient recruitment and retention (50%) as well as staff shortages (50%) loom large, along with administrative burdens.

Over 85% of respondents reported using at least one digital solution in trials, with electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF), electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO), and Electronic Health Records (EHR) being the most commonly used and highly regarded tools. Additionally, there is a strong interest among physicians in benchmarking insights based on anonymized data (80%) and progression curves of relevant patient parameters over time (90%).

In terms of their expectations towards study sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), respondents prioritized fair compensation (70%), followed by the adoption of more efficient tools such as digital solutions (60%) and realistic recruiting timelines (50%).

Commenting on the survey, Veronika Schweighart, Co-Founder and COO at Climedo, stated, “Understanding the perspectives of study physicians is pivotal in addressing challenges and enhancing efficiency in trials. By aligning with their needs and expectations, we can foster better collaboration and drive innovation in clinical research. It’s especially great to see that the vast majority of respondents are already using digital solutions and that they are interested in further leveraging their potential towards early insights.”

The survey findings underscore a strong demand among study physicians for fair remuneration, consistent digital technologies, reduced bureaucracy and manageable timelines in clinical trials. The report by Climedo and Siteworks aims to stimulate more successful collaboration among study physicians, sponsors and CROs. 

A copy of the full results can be downloaded here free of charge. 


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