There’s a Better Way to Capture Clinical Data

Most EDC (electronic data capture) systems don’t meet the needs of today’s companies. Climedo helps you save time and money while gaining brand-new data insights and complying with the EU MDR.

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Why go digital with Climedo?

Happy physicians and product users

Climedo EDC
  • Seamless collaboration with product users such as patients, doctors or medical staff

  • Easy data entry with no required training or need for installation - simply accessible via email, SMS and/or QR code

  • Improved motivation for participation and adherence thanks to individual data analytics and powerful dashboards

  • Patient compliance of up to 90%

No more tedious admin work

  • 39% less communication and coordination time

  • 47% less monitoring time

  • 54% less documentation and data management time

Stay on top of things

  • Get an overview about the status quo at any time via smart views and dashboards

  • React to Incidents and (Serious) Adverse Events on time

  • Discover new insights for your Marketing & Sales activities

Our clients and users love working with Climedo

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Guaranteed Peace of Mind

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Data Protection & Security Made in Germany

All study data is hosted on German servers. Climedo's solution has been examined by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security and Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information on behalf of our customer, the German Federal Ministry of Health.

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Quick onboarding and easy-to-learn software

Climedo takes no more than 3-5 hours until it can be used productively and we're here to help you along the way, from your initial onboarding to long-term customer success. Our intuitive solutions allow you to use the software without any required programming skills.

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Flexible and affordable pricing

Whether you're just getting started with your very first clinical investigation or have a large multicenter study running for several years, we have the right pricing package to match your needs. Check out our pricing options here and get in touch for a quote.

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