Climedo Launches Survey to Assess the Challenges and Needs of Clinical Trial Investigators

Climedo Launches Survey to Assess the Challenges and Needs of Clinical Trial Investigators


November 15, 2023

Munich – Wednesday, November 15, 2023 – eCOA and EDC software company Climedo is inviting physicians worldwide to complete a short survey about their clinical trial experience. The aim is to evaluate what is going well, what needs to be improved, what they expect from trial sponsors as well as their attitude towards digital technologies. 

Consisting of 21 questions, the survey focuses on several key areas to better understand the experiences, needs and expectations of physicians participating in clinical trials, also known as investigators. For each completed survey, Climedo will donate a small amount to a patient organization which can be selected from a list at the end. Respondents who leave their email address will automatically receive the survey results upon publication.

Among other things, the survey covers:

“Successfully recruiting and engaging investigators is a key challenge for clinical trial sponsors,” says Veronika Schweighart, Co-Founder and COO of Climedo. “That’s why we aim to find out what drives investigators’ true motivation in clinical trials and what still needs to change in their view. We are also curious to see which technologies are already being used and how valuable they are from investigators’ perspective. We look forward to getting numerous responses and sharing the results soon.”

Climedo encourages physicians with clinical trial experience to join the survey. The survey is available here and can be completed in five to ten minutes. The survey will run for about six weeks and the results will be published in early 2024. 


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