Live Webinar on September 28: Dynamic Commercialization in Pharma

Live Webinar on September 28: Dynamic Commercialization in Pharma


August 22, 2023

Munich – Tuesday, August 22, 2023 – Software company Climedo is inviting professionals from pharmaceutical companies and CROs to join a free webcast with an expert from Novartis about “Proven Strategies for Dynamic Commercialization in Europe’s Pharma Landscape” on September 28. 

As the final stage of drug development, commercialization presents pharma professionals with a number of hurdles, including industry uncertainties, regulatory questions, competition and potential technical issues. As with any product launch, it is essential to build a clear launch strategy and involve key opinion leaders (KOLs) early on. For this, pharma companies must not only have a thorough understanding of the characteristics, needs and trends of the market; they must also find ways to convince physicians and patients of therapies based on scientific data.

Catarina Santos (Executive Director Region Europe, Novartis) and Veronika Schweighart (Co-Founder & COO, Climedo) will share best practices for commercial success in Europe’s pharmaceutical landscape at the upcoming Climedo Connect webcast on September 28. Among other things, they will discuss:

Registration for the live event is free via this link. As always, there will be live audience polls in between and a discussion at the end. Attendees are welcome to submit specific questions and requests ahead of the event by reaching out to

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