New survey: The future of clinical trials – patient-centric, decentralized, digital?

New survey: The future of clinical trials – patient-centric, decentralized, digital?


September 20, 2022

Munich, September 20, 2022. Software companies Climedo and Trialflow have published a joint survey on digital and patient-centric solutions in clinical trials. The global survey is aimed at study sponsors from the medical device and pharma industries as well as contract research organizations and study sites.

Decentralized elements such as wearables, telemedicine or ePRO are being increasingly used in clinical trials. Patients are also being recruited via digital channels more and more frequently. But how successful are these tools in practice and where do sponsors and sites see the greatest potential? Climedo and Trialflow address these and other questions in their new survey. Consisting of 16 questions, the survey takes about five to ten minutes. The results will be published upon completion and also presented during a joint webinar at the end of October. 

The survey addresses the following areas:

“Many of our clients are aiming to conduct their trials with the help of digital and patient-centric solutions,” says Veronika Schweighart, Co-Founder and COO at Climedo. “According to our 2021 Decentralized Clinical Trials Survey, this has already yielded significant benefits, including resource savings and improved data quality. Yet many companies still struggle when it comes to deciding which part of the study process to optimize in which way, and which tools bring real added value. We therefore hope to shed more light on the current state, the biggest challenges and the most important future trends with our survey. We look forward to numerous participants!”

“We are very excited to partner with Climedo in gaining a better understanding of the current challenges of implementing digital tools in clinical research,” says Leona Turner, Co-Founder and CEO of Trialflow. “Most importantly, we look forward to learning more from the perspective of study sponsors as well as study sites in this context. Good collaboration among these players is the necessary foundation for efficient trial delivery.”

The survey is now available here. Upon request, survey participants will receive the anonymized evaluation via email.

The first results will be presented in a joint English-language webinar on October 25. Those interested can register free of charge here

About Climedo 

Climedo offers a digital platform for hybrid clinical trials and observational studies. The easy-to-use, modular and secure data management software solution includes electronic data collection (EDC), ePRO, eCOA and telemedicine. It enables pharmaceutical and medical device companies to more efficiently validate their post-market medical innovations and capture real-world data in decentralized environments. This accelerates studies, saves costs, and improves data flow and quality while promoting innovative study designs. By seamlessly connecting all stakeholders (industry partners, study sites, physicians and patients) in a cloud-based system, Climedo is revolutionizing clinical research and making studies more accessible and patient-centric. Learn more:


About Trialflow

Trialflow improves sponsor, site and vendor collaboration in clinical trials to accelerate market approvals. The digital collaboration platform enables smooth planning and coordination during the study startup phase and creates a solid foundation for study execution.

On the way to such a fully comprehensive collaboration platform, Trialflow already offers two product services today. Trialflow brings sponsors and sites together. Data-driven matching processes are used to identify suitable partners for specific studies and then the sponsor selection process is supported by feasibility checks. In addition, Trialflow’s credit card solution enables efficient patient compensation by empowering sites to process this independently and rule-based. For less administrative work and more time on patients and faster market approval. Learn more: