Climedo for the Public Health Sector: The Digital Citizen Portal

Automated processes and support for the public health sector in fighting COVID-19 with the help of the Symptoms eDiary, contact person registration, as well as attestation mailing and case file data collection.

Climedo for the Public Health Sector: The Digital Citizen Portal

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Ministry of Health (German: “Bundesministerium für Gesundheit” – BMG for short) aimed to roll out a unified solution for case and contact person management. With the goal of ensuring automation across the board, the BMG launched an initiative to digitize health offices and introduced the "SORMAS" solution. Together with our digital Symptoms eDiary, manual queries via phone calls and emails were significantly reduced. In various phases – from the Climedo standalone version, to the development of the interface between Sormas and Climedo, to the expansion of the digital Symptom eDiary – the collaboration was constantly developed. Today, about 160 health offices are connected to the digital Symptoms eDiary. In addition, 1.6 million citizens have now been enrolled in Climedo and more than 50 million daily health status queries have been sent out. This resulted in significant time and cost savings for the health offices as well as an improvement in data quality and reduced error rates.

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