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Climedo Offers Free Clinical Data Capture Platform for COVID-19 Projects

Climedo Offers Free Clinical Data Capture Platform for COVID-19 Projects

March 17, 2020 - Catherine | Marketing Manager

We’re pleased to announce that we are offering our web-based clinical data capture platform including a patient quarantine eDiary free of charge to practices, hospitals, research institutions and NGOs working on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) / SARS-CoV-2 projects. 


With global lockdowns and border closures, the virus was recently declared a pandemic by the WHO. In the global fight against the new virus strain, we have decided to make our digital platform available to institutions free of charge in order to help speed up the efforts against the virus. Our predefined digital eDiaries and ePROs (“electronic Patient Reported Outcomes”) will allow quarantined test subjects to submit potential symptoms, side effects or information on their state of wellbeing remotely via a mobile device or computer, thus improving the data flow of relevant information while reducing the risk of infecting others when visiting a site, for example.


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The coronavirus is a humanitarian crisis that requires cooperation and fast action. As a healthcare startup, we want to make use of our resources to help curb the spread of this virus. Our automated eDiary solutions help enforce crucial measures such as social distancing: Firstly, the health status of each individual can be monitored remotely, and secondly, research projects can be significantly accelerated with more real-world evidence in place. Our goal is to support both doctors and researchers in achieving results in a safe, fast and affordable way, without further spreading the disease. This is a call to all institutions, doctors and researchers working on Covid-19 to get in touch with us and discuss the options.

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Those interested in utilizing Climedo’s solutions for their work in combat of the virus can reach out to the company via Climedo will offer its platform for projects that are linked to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or SARS-CoV-2, respectively, based on their eligibility and overall demand. 


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Patient eDiary COVID-19

Example of Climedo’s COVID-19 eDiary for Patients


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Catherine | Marketing Manager

Catherine | Marketing Manager

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