2023 in Review: Our Top Content and Climedo Connect Webinars

2023 in Review: Our Top Content and Climedo Connect Webinars


December 13, 2023


Dragan | Co-Founder & CTO

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s time to revisit the best of our content-related moments that were part of Climedo’s journey. Throughout this year, our commitment to knowledge-sharing took shape through a series of Climedo Connect webinars and content. We had the privilege of hosting insightful sessions with great speakers, each contributing their views and expertise to the evolving landscape of healthcare and technology. Early in the year, our patient survey uncovered a patient perspective on clinical trials, enriching our understanding of what’s going well and what needs to change in the future. Another highlight of our contributions this year is our whitepaper, “Elevating Science-Based Communication in Post-Approval Studies.” It explores the crucial role of communication in post-approval studies, emphasizing a science-based approach. 

In this post, you can expect a recap of our top content in 2023, covering webcasts, patient perspectives and tips for getting the most out of your data in your next post-approval phase. 

1) Patient Survey 

Back in February of this year, we conducted a patient survey with Trials24, delving into the patient perspective on clinical trials. Surveying 124 participants (30% with trial experience, 70% potential future participants), some key barriers to trial participation emerged: Communication gaps, lengthy travel times and trial accessibility. Respondents stressed the need for digital tools such as wearables and telemedicine for improved trial access. They favored shorter travel and fewer on-site visits, but still valued personal contact with healthcare professionals (HCPs). The survey emphasized a shift towards more hybrid trial designs to alleviate patient burden. Explore the survey results for more insights into barriers, patient expectations and the future of clinical trials. 

2) Climedo Connect: The Future of Clinical Trials for Sites & Sponsors

Our first Climedo Connect webinar of the year offered a deep dive into clinical trial trends for sites and sponsors. Drawing insights and results  from our joint survey among study sites with Trialflow, we explored decentralized and patient-centric approaches in clinical trials. The data-rich session revealed the significance of “ePRO” (40%), “informational videos” (40%), “wearables” (30%), and “telemedicine” (30%) in decentralized trials. Moreover, it showed a perceived need for “more budget” (50%), “more staff” (40%), and “specific expertise” (40%) for effective digital solution implementation. Watch our webinar recording to gain more insights regarding status quo in clinical trials, challenges and outlook. 

3) Climedo Connect: Bridging the Gap between Clinical Research and Real-World Evidence

Our following Climedo Connect webinar explored how to bridge the gap between clinical research and Real-World Evidence (RWE). Here, Dr. Ralph Markus Wirtz (Stratifyer) shared exclusive insights into implementing adaptive trial designs, addressing the crucial gaps between molecular data and clinical routines, clinical trials and practice, symptoms and quality of life (QoL) and communicated versus objective health status. Specializing in molecular biology, Stratifyer, with Climedo’s support, pioneers a non-interventional multicenter clinical research platform for adaptive phase II and III trials. Watch the full webinar on demand and elevate your understanding of adaptive trial designs and Real-World Evidence.

4) Climedo Connect: Think Global, Act Local – Best Practices for Holistic Real-World Evidence 

May took us into the strategic generation of Real-World Evidence (RWE) at a global level and its translation into local, geographically specific evidence. This fireside chat featured Paul Petraro, Executive Director & Global Head RWE Analytic Evidence Center at Boehringer Ingelheim. Attendees gained insights into holistic evidence generation and best practices, exploring the entire process from study design to analysis. Real-World Evidence, sourced from diverse contexts, empowers evidence-based healthcare decisions, enhancing patient outcomes and shaping policy. Take a look and watch the recording to gain more insightful information about Real-World Evidence!

5) Climedo Connect: Beyond the Data – a Patient-Led Perspective on Clinical Trials

Climedo Connect explored a patient-led perspective on clinical trials, unraveling insights from a patient survey with Trials24. Patient representative Jen Rose shared first-hand experiences, addressing barriers to trial participation, expectations regarding travel and communication, as well as patients’ openness to digital technologies. Jen’s expertise in patient advocacy and her unique position supporting young patients with chronic diseases enriched the discussion. The webinar explored the future landscape of clinical trials, featuring live surveys and networking opportunities. Catch the on-demand webinar to get valuable patient perspectives and insights, fostering a more patient-centric approach to clinical research.

6) Climedo Connect: Hybrid Trials Unleashed – Streamlining Patient Recruitment & Remote Enrollment

Autumn kicked off with another Climedo Connect webcast, which unveiled the potential of eConsent and Self-Registration in streamlining patient recruitment and remote enrollment for clinical trials. Exploring the challenges faced by sponsors, this session emphasized the importance of a seamless and user-friendly patient journey. Attendees delved into optimizing the early stages of clinical trials with patient-centric approaches, showcasing how digital tools enhance convenience and accessibility. The session provided valuable insights into addressing challenges in patient recruitment. Access the on-demand webinar to discover innovative strategies for a more efficient and patient-friendly clinical trial experience.

7) Climedo Connect: Proven Strategies for Dynamic Commercialization in Europe’s Pharma Landscape

September featured a second exciting webinar; this one was with Catarina Santos (Executive Director Region Europe, Novartis) and Veronika Schweighart (Co-Founder & COO, Climedo), navigated the complexities of drug launch and commercialization in Europe’s pharmaceutical landscape. We explored key success factors, including understanding market characteristics, engaging KOLs and leveraging real-time data insights. Attendees gained insights into the forces shaping the life sciences industry, leading trends for dynamic go-to-market strategies, and successful use cases in specialty care. The session, complemented by live surveys and networking opportunities, offered a comprehensive exploration of strategies for successful product launches in the evolving pharmaceutical landscape. For more valuable insights, watch our on-demand webinar recording

8) Whitepaper: From Data to Dialogue

In our content-rich 2023, our whitepaper, “From Data to Dialogue: Elevating Science-Based Communication in Post-Approval Studies,” served as a valuable resource for pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech stakeholders. We delved into the challenges of post-approval studies, emphasizing the pivotal role of effective communication, especially with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). This insightful piece explored practical strategies for tackling hurdles in timing, data management and patient engagement. By spotlighting the transformative potential of digital tools and sharing a real-world use case, our whitepaper provides an invaluable roadmap for success in the ever-evolving landscape of the healthcare industry. Click here to get your free copy!

9) Rare Disease Dilemmas and Solutions – Filling the Knowledge Gap for Better Patient Outcomes

In October, our next Climedo Connect, themed “Rare Disease Dilemmas and Solutions”, illuminated the challenges of managing rare diseases and outlined strategies for better patient outcomes. Presented by Domenico Merante and Henrik Schou of CSL Vifor, this live session explored the power of Quality of Life (QoL) data, personalized treatment algorithms, and Real-World Evidence. Attendees engaged in discussions on rare disease challenges, the significance of QoL data and evidence-based strategies, as well as best practices in data management. The session provided practical insights into reshaping the landscape of rare disease management and bridging crucial knowledge gaps. Access the on-demand webinar for transformative perspectives on rare disease solutions.

10) Climedo Connect: The Future of Go-To Market Models in Pharma 

In our final Climedo Connect webinar of the year, Fahad Nadeem Khan (Global Commercial Director, Novo Nordisk) shared insights into evolving pharmaceutical go-to-market strategies in the digital age. The session delved into adapting to shifting dynamics, investing in a digital mindset and optimizing customer experiences. The discussion addressed current perspectives on the biopharma go-to-market model, emphasizing the strategies and investments necessary to navigate the changing landscape and meet evolving customer needs. Explore the highlights of our year-end webinar and watch the recording for a comprehensive recap. 


As we close the chapter on this year, we reflect on a journey filled with insightful content and engaging webinars. Thank you to everyone who contributed, with special appreciation to Climedo Connect attendees and speakers who made each session so special and interactive.

Looking ahead into 2024  the Climedo Connect Series continues, kicking off with the first webinar on January 25 with Helene Vioix of Merck – you can already register here. Additionally, at the beginning of next year we’ll evaluate and publish the result insights from our ongoing Clinical Trial Investigator Survey – stay tuned!

If you’re interested in a further exchange with us or if you want to become a speaker in an upcoming Climedo Connect webinar, feel free to reach out to us or schedule a demo.

Dragan | Co-Founder & CTO

Dragan | Co-Founder & CTO


Digital health entrepreneur. Passionate about clean UX and travelling to exotic countries. Creates products with love at Climedo Health.

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