#StayHome – we’re still here for you

#StayHome – we’re still here for you


April 15, 2020


Dragan | Co-Founder & CTO

Almost no industry or country has gone untouched by Coronavirus as the world continues to struggle with the pandemic. For many, working from home is now no longer just an option, but an absolute necessity in the interest of flattening the COVID-19 infection curve. Thousands of organizations have had to figure out how to keep their teams operational in a completely virtual world. That’s why it’s all the more important for us to give you a quick update on Climedo’s current working operations.

Support in challenging times

Despite all the changes and uncertainty, our team is still fully available just like we would be during any other time. We’ve set ourselves up working from home and are keeping our good teamwork and spirits up via virtual meeting and hangouts. Should you have any questions about our software or content, you can contact us via phone or email at any time and we’ll be sure to get back to you! 


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Home office Corona

A snapshot of Climedo’s virtual offices


On the software side, we’re busy as ever, too. Our solutions are being developed and optimized every day to ensure that patients continue to have access to the best healthcare solutions. One recent innovation includes our flexible dashboards. Want to stay informed about our software developments? Subscribe to our Digital Health Bites newsletter.




In addition to our daily business, we’ve become even more active in certain areas, and are now offering our clinical validation platform including our eDiaries to certain COVID-19-related projects.

What’s happening in the MedTech world?

As you may have heard, the European Commission is planning to delay the EU MDR by 12 months due to the Coronavirus outbreak and several other challenges, such as a lack of Notified Bodies. We recently published the results of our EU MDR survey which show that many companies were not ready for the new regulation and most likely welcomed the delay. You can download the full results now. 


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Dragan | Co-Founder & CTO

Dragan | Co-Founder & CTO


Digital health entrepreneur. Passionate about clean UX and travelling to exotic countries. Creates products with love at Climedo Health.

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